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K923 (pronounced: canine — twenty-three) is a New Jersey small business, and our unique name comes from our diversity in work. Bob Bovasso and Liz Geary have offered graphic design services to local, national, and international clients for more than 25 years. Over those years our graphic skills have been applied to advertising and educational print publishing, fundraiser and community-support projects, and in recent years vanity publishing and Web projects.


But that’s only half of the story at K923, because our favorite job title is “Top Dog.” One of our great joys is dog training and the care and betterment of canine and feline companion animals.

Whether they are our own pets or ones who we have been fortunate enough to cross paths with, these fur friends are our inspiration.

So you should know ahead of time when you call us, there might be occasional barking or a feline who likes to occupy the videoconferencing.


In addition to hands-on work with these animals, we are also proud to give back to non-profit animal organizations.


email: fetch@k923.net

Telephone: 973.283.1405

Location: Butler, NJ



I'm working on a dream

Though it can feel so far away

I'm working on a dream

And our love will make it real someday

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