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The Art of Bob


So, I got jealous of Liz and all her fancy photographs, so I decided I’d start doing my own portraits. I paint mine on Photoshop.


I start with a high quality photo reference, then paint from that, one stroke at a time. I don’t use any filters or photo manipulation. I paint just as a traditional artist does, only now I can make mistakes and fix them without ruining the paper or canvas.


Since the paintings are done digitally, I offer them to customers as a file. A customer can print them wherever they would like. I am currently looking at the best options for offering prints, too.


I have started a Facebook page called, oddly enough, The Art of Bob. Please check it out as I usually add new work and updates there. And, while you’re there, please Like my page. Feel free to Love my page, too, though Facebook won't acknowledge it.


Here are samples of my work.